Agriculture Based Rehabilitation Center

Vocational Training-Cum-Rehabilitation Centre for Adults with Intellectual Disability at Damapada, Cuttack, India

The Vocational Training-cum-Rehabilitation Centre for Adults with Intellectual Disability was established on 4 Hectares of land at Domapada, Cuttack, in 2009. This Centre is first of its kind in the State of Odisha, India. Construction of the Centre has been completed in collaboration with Chetana e. V., Germany, and Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Govt. of Germany. In this regard, the Organisation has implemented two projects from 1st April, 2011 to 31st March, 2012, and 1st October, 2014, and 30th June, 2016. Under the projects, building, furniture and equipment have been provided to the Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Children Without Parents, and School Drop-Outs.   

With 50% funding from Chetana e. V., Germany, a Tractor has been purchased for the Agricultural Activity at Domapada. A small Solar Power Plant also has been installed at Domapada with funding from Wintershall Company, Germany. 

The Centre has facility to provide Vocational Training and Rehabilitation in a number of vocations to 125 Adults with Intellectual Disability. Presently 39 young adults are living and working in the Centre. Over the last decade, the Centre has grown as one of the prominent Centres in the Country for the Vocational Training and Rehabilitation of Adults with Intellectual Disability. Presently, the Centre has facility for Vocational Training in Agriculture, Horticulture, Diary, Poultry, Fishery, Mushroom Cultivation and Compost Preparation.

As in July, 2020, the Campus has 300 Sq. Meter Building for the Diary Unit, and about 3000 Sq. Meter Building for the attached Special School, Therapy Centre, Hostel for School Children and Vocational Trainees, and Class Rooms and Hostel for the Diploma in Special Education (ID) Students.

There is a need to establish a Half-way Home for the treated Male Mentally Ill in the State. Govt. has advised us to establish the facility as soon as possible, as a large number of persons with mental illness are suffering. Some of them are also moving in the streets as destitute.

The organization solicits partners from India and abroad to complete the construction work of the Half-way Home for the Mentally Ill. At the beginning we need to construct a building to accommodate 50 persons with Mental Illness. Any amount of donation is welcome.

The organization also welcomes donation for construction of 10 Family Cottages for visiting families of children with Developmental Disabilities, who come for detailed assessment and development of management plan for their children.  Persons interested to donate may donate in the memory of a family member. The building will be named after the family member of the donor in a Special Ceremony. The estimated cost of one family cottage is about 1 million Indian rupees (12,500 Euro).

Looking forward to partnership for best quality Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disability and Rehabilitation of the Mentally Ill.

Bank Account Details:

(1) Jewels International, Indian Overseas Bank, Chandrasekharpur (Institute of Physics Campus), Bhubaneswar -751005, India, SB A/C No. 14913 (for Funds from India)

(2) Jewels International, State Bank of India, Utkal University Campus, Bhubaneswar- 751004, India, SB A/C No.10164207732 (IBAN Code), IFSC Code SBIN 0002135, SWIFT Code No. SBININBB270, MICR Code /Core Banking Number – 751002018 (For Funds from Foreign Countries)