Support a child Scheme

Support a Child Scheme

Jewels International (Chetana Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disability) has developed “Support a Child Scheme” for the National and International Donors to support the Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Intellectual Disability. The Institute has admitted 140 Children in two Special Schools run by the organization.

The Institute also has 180 Persons with Intellectual Disability registered under the Home-Based Special Education and Rehabilitation Programme run in 2 Community Development Blocks in Cuttack District of the State of Odisha, India. The Institute receives Rupees 3000/- (about Euro 37.5) per month per person from the Government of Odisha towards Maintenance and Staff Salary cost for the Home-Based Programme. The Organization is interested to expand this Programme to as many Blocks of the State as possible.

Most of the children admitted in Special Schools and almost all the children under the Home-Based Rehabilitation Programme belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Category or suffering from extreme poverty. Internationally, a person earning less than $1.90 per day is considered to be under extreme poverty condition. It is extremely difficult for these parents to provide any financial support for the education and rehabilitation of their children with disability. These children need support from the Government and Donors. As the support from the Government is limited, the organization solicits support from the National and International Donors, to add a greater number of beneficiaries to the Home-Based Programme.

Under the “Support a Child Scheme”, a Donor can bear the full cost of Special Education of a child under the Home-Based Rehabilitation Programme by donating Rupees 3000/- (37.5 Euro) per month. The donation amount shall be spent for a specific child with disability. The details of the beneficiary with a photograph shall be given to the Donor. The Donor can visit the Home Based Rehabilitation Programme to meet the child with disability and keep track of his/her development. 

The Donor can send donations directly to the Bank Accounts of the Organization as per details placed below and write a letter to Dr. Narayan Chandra Pati, General Secretary  ([email protected]  or  [email protected]), describing the purpose of the donation. The General Secretary shall maintain regular correspondence with all the Donors.

For Funds from India:   

Jewels International, SB A/C No. 14913, Indian Overseas Bank, Chandrasekharpur Branch (located in Institute of Physics Campus), Bhubaneswar -751005, India

For Funds from Foreign Countries:

Jewels International, State Bank of India, Utkal University Campus, Bhubaneswar- 751004, India SB A/C No.10164207732 (IBAN Code), IFSC Code SBIN 0002135, SWIFT Code No. SBININBB270, MICR Code /Core Banking Number – 751002018