Asha Sanjeevani

Asha Sanjeevani (Hope for Life)

Jewels International has established “Asha Sanjeebani”, an Institution to conduct Health related programmemes for the Able Bodied and Disabled people of the State of Orissa. This Institution shall also conduct welfare programmes for the Senior Citizens and children. The detail of activities of Asha Sanjeebani is placed below:

  1. To organize and work on health checkup camps, eye camps, for improving the General Health condition of children, women, senior citizens, persons with disability and others.
  2. To take up various sanitation programmes to provide healthy living conditions to the people in General.
  3. To establish Homes for Senior Citizens, Orphans and Street Children and provide for their education and rehabilitation.
  4. To establish Hospitals, Dispensaries, Diagnostic Centres, Nursing Centres, ANM Training Centres in different parts of Orissa and provide low cost Health Care with use of latest technology.
  5. To take up Primary Health Centres under the Public Private Partnership Scheme and provide Quality Health Care to people in the Rural and Tribal Area.
  6. To provide, facilitate, and help people to get covered under Health Insurance and Life Insurance Schemes.
  7. To organize activities for the development of Physically Handicapped persons.
  8. To conduct programmes for the treatment and eradication of AIDS.
  9. To conduct programmes for the control of Malnutrition, Infant and Mother Mortality.
  10. To provide different types of vaccines to the new born.